Maintenance and Aftercare

Your garden building has been designed to give many years of enjoyment, but like anything subject to the elements it is a recommended to do some simple maintenance every now and then to ensure its longevity.


Our garden buildings are supplied with a base coat of light brown spirit based wood preservative (roof is untreated).  We recommend that another couple of coats are applied within six months of purchase and repeated annually.  Our treatment is available and sold in 5 litre cans.


If your garden building has a stain or paint finish these should be reapplied according to the manufacturers recommendations.


Burtenshaw use a very heavy, polyester based roofing felt that should last for many years without any problems, however it is worth checking it a couple of times a year in case of any damage.  We recommend that any overhanging branches/hedging should be trimmed so as not to rub against any part of the building.


The major maintenance tasks are all about making sure that damp cannot get into the fabric of the building and to ensure there is sufficient ventilation for damp to escape from the inside.


Our buildings are now supplied with air vents in the eaves, to reduce the likelihood of damp inside your building, especially if it is kept closed up for too long.  We recommend that doors and windows (if possible) are left open occasionally to air the building, especially in the winter.  If any mould should appear on the outside or inside it can easily be removed using a mould remover.


Always make sure that the area around the floor or base is kept clear of any garden debris, leaves etc.   We offer and recommend that tanalised bearers with a dpc (damp proof course) are put under your building to keep a good air flow and stop any rising damp.


All hinges/handles and any other ironmongery should be oiled regularly to ensure smooth operation.


If you have any concerns about the maintenance of your garden building, please contact us for advice.



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